Strong Defense, Not Fighting

Essential self-defense that everyone can learn.
Practical personal-safety habits and essential self-defense techniques based on Ki-Aikido.

Intensive training in awareness, calmness, and effective techniques.
Prevent bad situations before they arise.
Respond calmly and appropriately if you are approached or attacked.
Avoid panic by keeping a calm mind.
Be able to act calmly and effectively.
Apply defense techniques that anyone can do, regardless of physical stature or strength.

Anybody, no matter how petite or non-athletic, can learn self-defense techniques that can be effective against a larger, stronger assailant. This class is based on the martial art of Ki-Aikido, the “art of non-dissension” and includes defense tactics that have been taught by police to help people stay safe.

Introductory Series and Intensives
Contact the dojo to schedule a class or series for your group.
Class can be offered at your site or at our dojo.

What to wear:      Loose, comfortable clothing such as athletic pants and a tee or polo shirt
What to bring:     Notebook and pen.  
Location:             1017 W. 7th Avenue (across from Shell station)
Reservations:     To register visit our Contact Us page and send an email or leave a message at 541.683.5089.

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