Ki-Aikido Introduction Classes

A positive, active, healthful martial art without aggression.
Be alert, stay safe, and interact positively, no matter what the challenge.

U of O special Introductory Meeting    MONDAY February 4, 7:30 p.m.

General Introductions
Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:00 p.m.      Fee for whole series:  $45        Fee for one class: FREE!

To Register: No Prior registration necessary simply RSVP and drop in!

Aikido teaches us to stay calm and act effectively in any challenging situation. Unlike other martial arts, aikido does not teach us how to "fight"; instead, we transform confrontation into a positive and safe interaction. You don’t need big muscles to be effective at aikido. Aikido is the way of harmony, the way of not-fighting. Mental discipline, calm focus, agility, and many other benefits come through aikido training. During the introduction classes, you will learn the fundamentals of:

  •    Staying calm even when facing a challenge
  •    Safe basic falling techniques (half-back roll; face-down layout; forward roll-away)
  •    Good physical and mental posture for agility, balance, and effective movement
  •    How to read, respect, and respond to your opponent's intent
  •    Leading a blow to remain unharmed
  •    Basic defenses to several types of attack  

Through Ki-Aikido, we can turn confrontation into positive and safe interaction. We learn to respond effectively to any approach—whether physical or emotional—with agility, calmness, and balance.  

What to wear:     Loose, comfortable clothing such as athletic pants and a plain tee or polo shirt
What to bring:    Notebook and pen.  
Location:            1017 W. 7th Avenue (across from Shell station)
Registration:      RSVP or leave a message at 541.683.5089.

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